Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day Oracle Sale ~ Tarot Readings

I'm not really big on self promoting and I promise you it will be done on rare occasions only. As most of my wonderful subscribers & followers know this is the first time on this blog I have promoted one of my own sites and/or items in a major way. :-) This is a 2 day only sale and after the sale ends this post will be deleted. Now for the info...

Available only at my Giving Earth website!

The popular Printed, Personalized & Ready to Frame TAROT Readings are 1/2 price! All my oracle readings, including the Messages from Fairies, Energy Vibrations and Hidden Messages in Water Crystals are done while under deep meditation. Your guides and ancestors are called upon to lend their universal energy into your customized reading. These readings are similar to my Weekly Lunar Readings & Magical Attributes and the Weekly Oracle Messages from the Fairies. However, these are on a more personal scale, printed, customized, come with a special chosen stone or tumbled crystal that best fits your needs and so on. I promise you'll be 100% satisfied with your reading that comes ready to frame.

Here is one of many Tarot readings I have done:

Sale only applies to Tarot readings and excludes all other oracle readings and formats. This 2 Day Sale is not available at my Etsy shop and is only available at the Giving Earth website!

Each reading is shipped via USPS Priority (2-5 days) with delivery confirmation. All Oracle Readings ordered on or before February 9th are guaranteed for Valentine's Day delivery!

Visit for more information, to see the sale price or to place an order!