Monday, March 23, 2009

Metamorphism: Aspects of the Human Spirit ~ a relaxation video with art and music

Metamorphism Art was created to reflect aspects of the human spirit. While I am no longer in need of healing as I am of well being, the past was much different. At 19 cervical and ovarian cancer resulted in drastic surgery and other means. I found my comforts & healing in alternative medicines and means. After 6 years of undiagnosed C-diff and a weight loss of over 80 pounds, I sought out these alternative and spiritual means once more. Once diagnosed I was able to share the alternative healing means to others.

During these times and when I lost a little life growing inside, I began a series of artwork. Each drawing reflects a period of time in my life when I was faced with choices, desires and emotions. The 'metamorph' art will always continue to expand and grow as I do both spiritual and emotionally. The first image I drew was nearly eight years ago and the last one just over 8 months.

I created this video with relaxing music and my images for others to relate to. As with most of my videos there is always a message at the end. So please just sit back, relax and enjoy. I'm sure you'll find a Morph that resonates with you in some form of physical, emotional or spiritual way.

I believe we are on a path in life, a path of free will and choice. These are my drawings that reflect some of our human and universal spirit.

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Robert A Vollrath said...

Very nice but as a imagination worshiper I believe all things are born of dreams.

Rainbow Tree said...

Thanks for commenting Robert. I do believe that imagination is the key to all creation that we see and that dreams play a vital role in all of it. :-)

Hope you have a blessed week Robert! It's such a delight to read your blog and comments!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you for the wonderfully relaxing video. I am so happy to see you are back on the blog ... and send you and your family love and kindness. Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

Many thanks Mokihana! It is good to be back and get back into some what of a routine of things. Yesterday was the first time I had done a reading since my dad passed away. On one hand I was sad, but on the other hand I found much comfort in doing the things I had done before.

Things will be quite busy here the next couple of months. We will be relocating to my moms house (Earth Heart) to tend to the property and take care of the things that need taken care of. Leaving our home and life will be hard in many ways. However, I am always looking forward to being back home and close to my mom.

I appreciate your love and kindness Mokihana. Thank you so much for being a part of my universal family and my blog!

Much love,
Rainbow Tree