Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekly Lunar Reading with Magical Attributes: August 5th - 12th

Moon Phase:
Full Moon

Moon's Place
(moon enters Pisces on Friday, August 7th)

Lunar Reading:

Your personal freedom is quite important to yourself as it should be. Maybe you're feeling held down by others or even your own past choices. If there is need for change in your life, now is the time to cut the ropes holding you down. Your individuality is essential in creating who you are, don't let anyone including yourself suppress that.

There is a good chance you have been feeling rebellious in your normal activities or duties. Most likely this is do to you wanting some form of change in your current lifestyle and situations. This could be something small from giving up a bad habit, to kicking out the inconsiderate roommate. It could be even bigger like selling your home or moving from your current geographical location. What ever the change is, its obvious that you are in need of some!

Listen to your gut instincts this week and always. The more you begin to really listen and flow those inner feelings, the more you will notice a balance in your life. Focus on your dreams as they may hold a psychic impression. Be nostalgic for the next week or two. Place yourself in a time of teenage or childhood memories that made you happy. Bring back your imagination and let it soar into stories to share with younger generations.

For the Magic Doers & Light Workers:

The moon is currently full. Now is the best time to charge any of your magical and light working devices, including yourself! One night this week created a sacred salt circle. This is done with sea salt, a bowl and yourself. Outside where you can see the moon, take your bowl filled with sea salt and sprinkle it in a circle that surrounds you. Make sure the circle of salt is heavy enough that you can physically see the circle. Stand in this protected circle. Call out each direction (North, East, South & West). Thank the directions and the elements they provide. Visualize yourself glowing with the same intensity as the full moon. Connect your aura to hers as she is part of you and all universal creations. Please search or view my Full Moon Blessings/Rituals for more chants, blessings and of course activities for a full moon.

Your Mission for this week:

Connect with your own blood. Sometimes friends, boyfriends, lovers, coworkers and other people need to be placed on hold for a while. It's nothing personal, and maybe you need to let them know that. Your family always comes first, they are there with you, they are bound to you throughout eternity. As humans we tend to find ourselves only giving one person, entity or situation all of our focus and attention. Even though you may be happy, you may also be hurting the ones who truly love you without judgment. Find a balance with your family and your new friend, lover or coworker. Give each their own time, separate from the other. This will create a feeling of 'no one is less special' than the other. It simply hurts many when the ones they love the most move on and seemingly forget or no longer feel it necessary to take time to make an effort is showing them they still care. Find the balance that works for everyone, not just you and your new friend or situation. Don't let the others fade off into the background, for they might not be there when you want then to come back.

This week could make or break some major relationships and situations in your life. Be careful and consider all facts, actions and feelings on everyones behalf.

Feel free to come back to the blog and post how you spent your day. Share your happenings with fellow readers. :-)

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