Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August News & Updates ~ Life, Love and Home

I know it's been a while since I posted my last blog. The Weekly Lunar Readings have been behind along with some of the other usual posts. I do promise to resume most of everything shortly. I apologize for the delay in any explanations of the lack of postings.

My daughter Destiny started her first day of school in the 7th & 8th grade today. This is one of the main reasons for little to no postings here at the blog. Time seems to run short most days. I find myself wanting to be here but searching for the time or proper moment to take a break and start writing. Now that school has resumed and we've completely moved in and settled down at our new location, things will begin to be brighter.

Though we are only renters here at the old farm house I grew up in, I find myself wanting to plant and tend to it as if it were my for-ever home. Tom & I know we will have to relocate sometime, but for now this old place keeps the memory of childhood days. Some days
here are harder than others. It's never been the same since Dad passed away this February so very unexpectedly. I have many fond memories of Mushroom 'hunting', walking through the woods with dad, being out in the garden and above all else, sitting with him on the front porch watching the storms roll in across the field. I was never afraid of the lighting or the big rumbles. I had my big strong daddy there to protect me and that's all I felt I needed. There are two men in my life that I love more than anything, one of them is my husband, the other my beloved father. Now it is just Tom and he does what he can to fill dads shoes around the property. He's strong like dad, comforting when needed but oh so gentle. Tom and my dad shared many qualities. Tom looked to my dad as his very own father. They were closer than most son/dad relationships. I don't think there will ever be a day that I don't miss my dad. It gets easier yes, but I will always miss him. That is where the sadness comes from now, simply missing him.

The organic garden is rather blah this year. No one, including myself had the heart to keep up with it as much as we should have. There is always next year though. My mother, whom I love dearly will be moving away in the upcoming months. She has met a new love and has chosen to relocate the two or more hours away from all of us. I've accepted it, don't like, most likely never will like it. Speaking of her moving so far away of course. I'll admit that it will always be hard to see her with her new guy, he's not Dad after all. Her guy is nice and I'm sure he'll be a wonderful addition to the family. I only hate the rawness of missing my dad and at times must remind myself he is dead when I see her and the new guy smooching. I'll take seeing her happy though any day over her depression of losing dad. Still, I don't like the 2+ hour difference there will be. I've also realized I am not my moms best friend any longer. After dad died, so did a part of mom. That was the main part I knew of her and it is no longer there. Our relationship has changed dramatically. I only hope the phone calls actually happen that are promised. I know how it is now with most of the family and lack of communication on all behalf's. I guess thats my biggest fear with her move. Fear is not something I am going to feed so I shall give it as little thought as possible.

Things are looking up for Tom and his business. I'm trilled he is only 3 miles from home, working for himself and feeling happy. He has a new sense of pride about him and I love that. Word has already gotten out that he is back in town with a small custom auto body shop of his own. I keep his website up and running and do all his emails from time to time. I don't mind helping him out, especially when I see how much he appreciates it!

Tom and I will officially be married for 10 years this Friday, August 21st. The time has just flown by! I really can't believe we were wed ten years ago. We are more in love with each than we could ever imagine. If anything we love each other more now than we ever thought possible 10 years ago. We are both blessed to have each other and the gifts we give emotionally. Tom is my husband, my lover, companion, bet friend and of course my man slave. Yes, he knows I call him my man slave. It's all good though becasue I'm his goddess. ;-)

Tonight Tom & I go to get new glasses, or at least order them. We both haven't had a new prescription in over 8 years. To say we are over due for an eye exam and glasses doesn't even begin to cover it. We are both crossing our fingers that we can use our same frames and save some major money doing so. Frames are so expensive and I'd prefer to not spend the money and keep the ones I have already.

On a new note, I did get a new tattoo for our 10th anniversary. Check out my Facebook pictures on my profile: Self designed shooting star on my forearm. It represents the Leonid meteor showers that Destiny was born under in November. Below it I already had konji symbols that said "Daughter Destiny Twilight". This was a wonderful addition to that and my arm! I've always been attracted to the tribal like qualities of most tattoos. I find them addictive and plan to have more on my canvas of a body.

Tomorrow is a New Moon! Be sure to check out my archives for New Moon spells, magic, chants and rituals! A new moon is the perfect time to plant rooted items in the ground. Trees especially do best when planted under or right before a New Moon. For the last new moon I planted a Maple Tree sapling that we brought with us from our old home. It is doing quite well... despite the nibble from deer.

I would like to get a new Message from the Fairies out to all of you this week. There are some important things they would like to share in the upcoming days. I love interacting with the fairy folk that were here when I was a child. I still remember then as they remember me. The spring fed creek and deep woods here offer them many comforts that they don't have else where. All and all the sprites are quite happy here. I was told these woods were once large enough to house a family or two of unicorns, I doubt they remain with some of the building that has gone on. They are such sensitive creatures and I do hope to one day see one scurrying through the woods or lapping up a drink of fresh water from the creek.

I'm still in the works for getting a new camera. A photographer without a camera.... there is something wrong with that picture. It does bother me not being able to snap a shot here and there. Soon enough I hope. :-) In the mean time I have posted my gallery of internationally & nationally nominated photography on my self created website: I recently added a small collection of my original poetry. Help yourself to reading any of my poems at my website.

My love goes out to you and all of yours. I miss my blog and those of you that read it and often leave comments. I look forward to being on here more in the upcoming weeks. Till then stay in the light, be life and love as if tomorrow never existed.

~ Rainbow Tree ~


Mokihana and Pete said...

So nice to hear you on the page. There has been a lot happening in your whirl ... changes. I appreciate what it means to miss a loved one, I am in the earliest stages of grieving a loved cousin/sister/friend. I will love her forever, and like you say, 'miss them everyday.

I will enjoy the blog that sends messages from the faeries ... the winds have come back to the land here, and with them stories. All the best to you and your family.

Congratulations to your husband on his new biz.

Aloha, Mokihana

Rainbow Tree said...

So sorry to hear about your grief as well my dear friend. I do hope your sadness is healed soon.

I guess it is what it is when it comes to death. I know we all are born so we must die. Par for the balance of nature. Just like the changing seasons, I suppose.

It is good to hear from you. I need to get back to these basics. I used to find working at my blog a form of meditation. I do hope to get back into a better routine of things soon. :-)

My best to you and yours! Wishing you blessings of love and abundance.