Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sacred Space Chant-Blessing

Before & after any form of meditation, magical or light working is done, I like to smudge myself with either smoke of sage, blessed water, moonlight or sunlight. I will often repeat aloud a chant or verse that affirms I am a sacred vessel.

Below is one of the chants I use all the time. I say it aloud while doing a visualization of pure energy and love flowing into my body from the universe.

Sacred space within myself
Earth and sky, light and health

Blessings of the god & goddess shine

Bring to me the light divine

As above, it is below

Now peace and love around me grow

Be I witch, fairy or elf
Sacred space I call myself.


Robert A Vollrath said...

I've been thinking about the God and Goddess of late and how these two truths bind us to a One Soul at the end and start of everything.

Rainbow Tree said...

You just sent chills up my spine Robert. My thoughts have been contemplating such things. How interesting you should post this. It was like reading my own thoughts but someone else's post. I've been giving some deep thought to the balance of things and existence as well. It's all 'the balance' kind of screwed up right now.