Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Solstice Blessing

Dark of night and light of day,
we honor you in each and every way.
Bring to us your sacred and magical birth.
A shift of axis for our beloved Earth.
The sun will rise and show her beautiful light.
Warmth filling our soul so our spirit shines bright.
A new year of blessings and abundance.
A feeling for everyone of a great oneness.
Unity and love combined.
Celebrating all that is divine.
We honor the sun on this most important day.
Hope, renewal and good things are on their way.
We are blessed to have such sacred life.
This year we will live without strife.
Let us honor this solstice eve and day.
Love and kindness felt from each and every sun ray.

Written by Reverend & High Priestess, Kandice Thompson
~ Rainbow Tree ~

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