Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays to You!

Sun Spirit ~ Orig. Drawing by Kandice Thompson

Happy Winter Solstice my dear friends!

Today is one of the most sacred sabots of the year.  Once again we welcome the birth of the sun.  Tonight the longest night of the entire year and the shortest hours of daylight.  After today we will once again have longer daylight and shorter nights.

The holidays are a time of gathering and a time of giving.  Personally I feel we should practice this type of behavior year round.  For many the economy has put a bind on the financial flow for gift giving.  Look at his as a creative way to express yourself.   Use your intuition and create gifts for your family and friends.  Home baked goods are always a wonderful treat!  Don't limit your imagination to just that thought.  If you know someone that is an avid bird watcher, make them a homemade ornament or small wreath made from non toxic glue and bird seed.  You can also use leftover bacon grease and mix it with birdseed for an excellent suet!  Freeze or refrigerate for best results.  A mason jar filled with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar is a great idea for guys with a sweet tooth.  Add simple instructions about placing the mixture on heavily buttered toast for a quick snack.   Mmmm!  I would post some of the gifts I have made for friends & family, but then their surprise would be spoiled if they read this. ;-)

There is a solstice tradition that me and my husband have done for nearly 8 years now.  Each Solstice evening after we have had a nice homemade dinner at the table, we get in the car and go for a drive.  If it is snowing and the weather is not so good, then we enjoy it even more!  We just take things a bit slower and use more caution while driving.  We head out with our winter gear on hand (like snow bibs, gloves, etc).  We make sure we have at least one to five pounds of birdseed with us.  The evening is spent driving around the local parks and taking a walk in the evening moonlight and snow.  This is wear the winter clothes come in handy. ;-)  As we take our walk, we reflect on everything we are grateful for.  We avoid thinking or speaking about any negative aspects.  I usually take along a large cup so I can fill it with birdseed and scatter the seed all around in various areas.  I like to place a small pile of seeds on a picnic table, scatter some under the trees that normally bare fruit in the warmer months and place the rest where the feathered friends are sure to find and enjoy it.  I also like to gift the other animals with apple peals, orange slices and other goodies.  However, some parks consider this littering instead of providing the woodland creatures with treats.  If this is the case in your area, simply find a small wooded area and give the apples and oranges a toss.  The animals will be sure to find them and enjoy it!  On the drive home we'll take our time and most likely go out of the way a bit to view some holiday lights.  It will be a quiet and beautiful evening.  Upon arriving home we'll have a cup of hot tea or coffee, unless we take a thermos with us and drink it all while we are out and about.  The rest of the night will be spent cuddling, maybe a small meditation honoring the rebirth of the sun and then a movie before bed.

Remember that the season is not about what you are lacking or can not give.  Show gratitude, make a list of all that you are thankful for and repeat it daily.  No matter how bad it seems, someone else is suffering far worse than you can ever imagine.  We have freedoms, food, shelters and hope.  Some countries and regions can not say the same.  We are fortunate so please be thankful and show some gratitude.

I want to wish all of my blog readers and subscribers a beautiful holiday season.  What ever your celebration be, may it be merry and filled with memories.  Love those close to you, cherish the little things in life and never take anyone for granted.  We are all stardust, children of this universe that we call home.  Be peace, be love, be the answer you pray for.

~~  Ancient Native American Blessing for Winter Solstice  ~~
We are the Earth
We are the Moon
Come rising Sun
Lead us from the Tomb

Repeat this blessing by singing or chanting while you create the heartbeat of Mother Nature on your drum.  Add bells and humming if you have multiple people.

Kandice ~ Rainbow Tree
Reverend & High Priestess


Cassie said...

It was so beautiful to read your sweet solstice ritual with your hubby. What a lovely evening. Thanks so much for sharing! It gave me ideas as my husband and I create our own rituals of thanks, love and gratitude. Love and light to you~

Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha, RainbowTree,

I am delighted to read your Solstice sharing and especially appreciate seeing your posts, again. Solstice and the season of Christmas is being blessed with the presents of presence. Thanks for yours.


Rainbow Tree said...

Thank you both for leaving such wonderful comments. For some reason I never received these responses in my inbox, I just found them today. I will be sure to check my settings so this doesn't happen again.
Thank you to the two of you beautiful ladies/goddesses. :-)

I'm looking forward to new postings for this year!