Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Updates from the Giving Earth: Samhain Sale, Poetry, New Art and More

Giving Earth Updates & News

**  Samhain Sale  **

All Oracle & Tarot Readings on Sale, 50% Off All Original Paints, All Hand Painted Affirmation & Holiday Ornaments on Sale!

View Kandice’s Poetry!

Kandice has added a section of her poems for you to read.

New artwork has been created!  An entire new series of Fairy Art.  Created specifically to share the interaction with the fairy realm.  View our Gallery to see images or visit our Videos to watch a short movie about interaction with the fairies and their magical realm.

The Ministry/Officiant Services have been updated.  Many virtual blessings now offered for those across the miles.


Cassie said...

Hi there! I have spent the last hour reading a bunch of your posts and I just wanted to say thank you for shinning your light and speaking your truth so eloquently. I "happened" upon your blog rather as I was researching for some writing I am doing. I am truly touched and feel I have a found a fellow *si-star*. Please visit my blog and maybe we can follow each others musings and light sharing :). Lots of love and blessings!


Rainbow Tree said...

Yay! I found the post! ;-) It is so good to have you here Cassie! A fellow si-star as you put is always welcome!!!! I'm glad you found my blog and I will definitely follow yours as well.

I look forward to being back on my blog regularly now that things have seemed to settle since my dad passed unexpectedly and we moved. Life can only get better now! :-)

Much love to you and please stay in touch. Don't ever hesitate to contact me for any reason.