Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World Without Wonder

World Without Wonder

In a world without wonder.
An imagination-less society.
The trees never dance
The birds bare no song.
Mans heart is blackened.
His eyes buried deep in his skull.
Society never questions.
Not one word is said.

In a world without wonder.
A dragon no longer soars among clouds.
Books are shelved.
Enchanted realms forgotten.
Nature disregarded.
Dreams wither away.
Stars fall without a wish.
No one seems to notice.

In a world without wonder.
Dandelions never feel a breath.
A forest shows her scars.
Greed becomes our love.
Life seems less important.
Nothing is left sacred.
The hope of tomorrow dies.
No one seems to notice.

© Rev. Kandice Thompson, 2009


Kristin Dombrowski said...

We a blessed to have a world full of wonder, and a poem that captures the importance of imagination and fantasy! Thank you for this poem!
Blessings, Kristin

Rainbow Tree said...

Greetings Kristin,

I am so please you got the message I was trying to reveal in this poem. We are so very blessed to be born with such vivid imagination and wonderment abilities.

I do get concerned that society shoves them aside most of the time and that many lose (or chose not to use) their universal ability.

I honestly do believe our imagination plays a vital role in our abilities to dream, manifest, teach and create. In our home, imagination is just as important as our spirituality. We embrace it and include it in our daily lives. :-)

Many thanks again Kristin for reading this blog and poem and taking the time to leave your energy on the wall.

Much love to you and yours,
~ Rainbow Tree ~

Mokihana and Pete said...

Rainbow Tree,

Thank you once again for the refueling that a wonderer needs from time to time and it seems needs more often, than not.

I will link this sweet inspiration to my blog today, as a way to enforce cosmic wisdom and your channel of delight.

Yes, thank you Kirsten for your words, too. This writing on the wall is important.

Mahala a nui loa my friend,