Friday, October 22, 2010

We Bleed - an original poem

 Image Title: Morbidly Beautiful ~ Image by: © Kandice Thompson (Rainbow Tree)

We Bleed

A giant and ancient tree is raped from the forest, and so we begin to bleed.
A call from the woods sings out to us, but we ignore and stay in our four walls.
A bird pecks at our window and we pass it by without a second glance.
The streams begin to dry as we continue to drink.
The sky becomes hazed, but no one notices the fading stars.
A deer dances, inviting in peace as a shot echos through the trees.
And so we bleed.

We bleed the blood of our ancestors.
With it, the hope of today and the light of tomorrow.
Memories of our past embedded in our minds.
Our choices reflecting the world we know today.
The voices still, only mumbles through the rustling leaves.
And so we bleed.

A sky that bares no blue isn't what they wanted for you.
Our metropolises, bred of chaos and confusion.
Compassion for all life seems lost for our own convenience.
Connection to all creations and their celestial voices are barely heard.
And so we continue to bleed.

© Rev. Kandice Thompson ~ October, 2010

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Mokihana and Pete said...

This is a poem most would rather than hear. I read it after thinking about you. Yes, we bleed. I send you thoughts of care and hope you are finding tender moments and support where you are on the Planet.

blessings for a new lunar year in the coming,