Friday, July 10, 2009

And we made the move..

image copyright Josephine Wall "The Dryad and the Tree Spirit"

I've been talking about it now for what seems like for ever. We are finally moved in with my mom after my dad died in February. It took us a while to get here and settled in. There are still a few boxes here and there and the garage is quite full. We went from a 2,300 square foot farm home to two bedrooms upstairs and a shared bath. I am not complaining though. The rooms coming along nicely, I miss the land around here and feel the love being back home where I grew up. I love this old house and the fairies that dwell in the sacred woods. This place is special and I am blessed to be here with my family.

Now that things are getting settled in and taken care of, I hope to soon restart the weekly Lunar Readings with Magical Attributes, Oracle Messages from the Fairy Realm and many other of my usually posts. I miss this routine. If all goes well, I will restart the normal blog posts once again next week.

Tom (my hubby) is getting ready to pull in a few jobs. He has to see about renting space to do it and continue his art with vehicles. In the mean time, I am running a limited time sale on the Giving Earth website. All style of the Emailed/Text only versions of any Oracle/Tarot reading are on sale for $15.55. Other select printed and personalized readings are on sale as well! Ends July 31st. Hurry! ;-)

In a few weeks Tom & I will celebrate our 10th year of marriage. I am excited and so blessed to have such an outstanding relationship with my spouse. We are truly kindred spirits from the past. We are the dryad and the tree spirit. I'm hoping we can go canoing and maybe camping at the Mohican Native Reservation and Park in Loudonville, OH.

I hope most of you had a chance to view the large full moon the other night. It was stunningly huge from our location! The aura glowed brilliantly against the blackness of the night sky. We watched it rise above the tree line with a few scattered clouds slowly making their way across the moonlit sky and shadowing across the sacred full moon.

Till the next time, or until next week at least when the regular postings resume once more.

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