Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bringers of the new dawn

Image by Rev. Kandice Thompson ~ Iris

It's hard not to focus on all the negative aspects of the current reality and state of our great planet that we call, Momma Earth.  The media fills our head with what seems like only the bad news instead of any good.  Is there any good left?  
We hear about the bombs falling, innocent lives destroyed.  We read and watch the news and feel for those faced with devastating earth quakes, smoke and ash from volcanic activity and oil spills in the heart of our mother.  An entire coastline now contaminated and no fishing allowed.  Dead turtles, birds and fish placed in plastic bags to be carried off as waste.  Families halted in unfamiliar land while rumbling mountains and a blackened sky keep them from coming home.  Houses and life as we know it crumbling and falling while the ground below shakes violently.  Our once majestic rivers and streams begin to fade and dry from human made dams and landscape piping.  When will the greed stop?  When will you, the average person, realize that you have an impact and can make a change?
I'm by far not ignoring the catastrophic events that have been taking place.  As a human being, a care taker of this planet, I find it our responsibility to do something, and do it now.  Science has proven that the power of positive manifestation, meditation and prayer have grand effects on water.  Remember what science and nature have shown us with the water crystals and the effects that positive and negative words, actions and thoughts have on them. The earth is made up of 70% water, and we are made of the exact same percentage. We know the capabilities of prayer and positive manifestation. We've seen the benefits from Monks blessing the water and from prayer over the areas of dis-ease or crime.  
All life and creation are sacred.  We all share the same mother, breath the same air, we drink the same water and we bleed the same color.  There is no difference and we do not have dominion over these creatures.  They are our universal brothers and sisters.  We've done them so much wrong and harm in the past and now is our chance to begin the healing.  We are one in this journey with our mother. 
I am and will continue sending out lots of healing energy & love to the world. Remember, we are the light workers, the care takers and the bringers of hope for this planet and her state of well being. We must do everything within our power, both physically, spiritually and environmentally.  I've been doing outside meditations, lots of tree hugging and loving that connects to all other trees and plant life. I've been blessing the streams and water (all water connects to the ocean).  It's what I feel I was placed here to do.  Without these scared elements, the human race will not survive.  We will cause our very own extinction if we choose ignore the current state and no nothing.  We can not continue with the harm we have been doing.  It is time for a new era, a new way of thinking and a new way of living that restores the great balance our native ancestors speak of. 
Raise your energies as high as you can for global love & healing. Bless the rivers and streams, love & nurture the trees, meditate for yourself and the world as a whole entity. Detach from the media outlets and focus on the end results of the awareness these events are causing. To every disaster there is a blessing and to every life there is death. We have the balance and power within ourselves to do so much, yet so many do so little.  Follow your heart for your home, for your love of life and your own family.  Our very livelihood and the future of generations to come is at risk.  The time to get back to basics and doing no harm is now.   
It does not matter your religion or faith and all politics should be set aside.  They do not play a role in the healing of our mother, you and I play that vital role.  We can not depend on others to fix the wrongs, but we must depend on our self and our inner guidance.  We can be the answer to our own prayers.  It's a choice that you were given they day you were born into this beautiful world.  You still have that choice if you choose to acknowledge and use it.
Gather groups in your current locations for global healing. Hold mass prayer sessions and drum circles.  Keep your focus on the end result you wish to see for the planet and humanity as a whole.  The awareness is being raised already with so many natural and man made events taking place right now.  
My ancestors say that if we do not change and awaken from this sleep that our skies will turn red, our rivers dry and the animals will run to the deepest parts of the forest.  They say we will smell the rotting death across the land and the dust so thick that one will not be able to see the sky. The trees are the hair of our mother, the water and oil are her veins and blood and the land is her beautiful body. 
Love thy mother and here her cries so that we may bring her hope and love. We are one in this healing. There can be no separation, it is a global awareness that affects each and every one of us.
There is hope for tomorrow if you allow it.  Choose the world you wish to walk in, do not place walls within your world that divide you from all of humanity.  Your politics or religions should all be set aside so we can work as a family, one large entity and caretaker of this great planet we live on.  No one person is more special or favored becasue of who they voted for or what they believe in or what faith they choose to follow.  We are all created equal, we are all children of the universe and we are all star dust under the most powerful of microscopes.  Love and treat yourself, your neighbor and all of creation with gratitude, kindness and compassion.  It's time we left the fear behind, it's time to stop allowing politics and government (past and present) to have control over our mother's elements and her blood supply.  It's also time to stop religion from granting us a false dominion over this home.  The time to do no harm is now, the time to love all creation as equal is now.  The time to set all religion, politics and personal opinions aside is now.  Let the healing of our mother begin!
Head this advice and do as you wish.  The choice is always yours.  Be in the light and love creation, or continue to turn your eyes in the back of your skull.  Let go of greed and capitalism and walk a path of enlightenment, love, kindness and compassion.  Feel humility so you may understand gratitude and then embrace it.  This land, our home, is so very sacred to all life and creation.  

We are the bringers of the new dawn and we are here to encourage others to open their hearts and minds for the healing.

Rev. Kandice Thompson
Ordained Minister, Reverend, High Priestess & Spiritual Healer for many Earth & Universal based faiths.


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